Some Surprising Sources of Income Celebs Have


Most of the famous celebs have a huge source of income. The amount they earn is enough to shock the masses. If you are a telly follower you would certainly know that Katy Perry the famous pop singer had earned $135 million in 2015. The amount is quite huge. The shocker here is that they just do not earn from their own performances but they do have other sources also.


One of the sources of income of the richest celebrities comes from cruising. Not all cruises are having large families and retirees. Some of them allow the fans to spend time and party with their favorite celebrities. But for that, the fans have to pay a costly admission fee.

richest celebrities

Bizarre TV Ads in Japan

Endorsing a brand is something very common that all celebrities do. However, in the Japanese TV ads, the things are a bit weird than normal. Several celebrities do shocking things that they usually would not. They are paid hefty amounts for those ads.

Video Game Royalties

If you think that most of the celebrity incomes come from their trade, we ask you to think again. Most of the celebrities have taken to the video games to make up for the money that generally can’t make normally through their trade. Video games are believed to earn them a lot of profit. In some cases, it was found that they earned 40% increase in the sales rates.


As they have mastered a particular skill, they are able to teach and guide others how they can gain a hand over the skill. In this matter actor James Franco is the one with most enthusiasm. He had been a graduate film professor of New York University and was also offered online screenwriting for the short films. He had trained several students in the field.

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