Most expensive headphones in markets

Headphones Company has the most expensive headphones in the market. Now a day children are updated and wants everything that comes in markets example latest Smartphone, latest laptops or latest headphones. In today life we see that in market everything is getting more expensive. Now children want s to buy new headphones. In online shopping headphones are very expensive. you can visit and headphones


Type of headphones   

  • On ear headphones
  • Wireless headphones
  • With wire headphones
  • Light weight headphones
  • Heavy weight headphones

If you are buying headphones you must read online guide. You can buy headphones. If travelling or you are working at office and anyone is getting disturb you can use headphones. In some headphone you increase the volume that are coming outside and you can adjust the volume that you can listen.
There advantages and disadvantage of headphones.


  • If you are travelling somewhere and you can get can’t get your song but it is your phone you can use the headphones and connect it with your phone and listen the song you want.
  • If you use the headphone in office you can create your own work zone and you can work confidently and you can get great ideas.
  • In headphone you get good comfort and you can easily buy from any mobile store near you.
  • No one can get disturb from you and no one get angry from you if you are you. You can buy it online /


  • If you listening music on head from a very long time your ears can be affected.
  • Your headphones can cause hearing loss.
  • It can affect your brain also.
  • You can have blockage of air passing.
  • You can get pain from headphones if you listen all the time.