Learn about the basic working procedure of the ASO

If you check the statistics related to app utilization, you will come across the fact that more than 63% of apps are searchedvia generalized browsing in App stores. Where the asoor app store optimization is no doubt one of the essential elements required for optimizing, it is also of prime importance regarding app marketing strategies. As per a certain survey, nearly half of the population in the United States, i.e., 47% uses apps after searching from app stores like Apple Store or Google Play Store.

Now many people may have a vague idea about app store optimization. Check the info about ASO explained concisely here.

What is ASO?

This can be stated as an improvement procedure related to the visibility of smartphone apps in app stores. All search outcomes because of app store optimization results in high chart ranking of apps in app stores.

What is the working procedure of it?

Most of the times, SEO and ASO are compared with each other. Here is a detail of ASO’s working.


the aso


  • Similar to the working of SEO, there are off-metadata and onmetadata factors in ASO.
  • There are certain search engine algorithms which utilize numerous signals for ranking in pages.
  • Correct keyword placement in description and title substantiates a hike of nearly 10.3% in ranking.
  • In case of off-metadata, where they cannot be controlled due to its completely independent nature, a good ASO company can influence it to achieve excellentThisincludes ratings, reviews, app downloads and much more.
  • A reputed app publisher or optimizing company controls onmetadata elements as per the requirement to achieve the desired

If you too wish to know more about ASO and how correct optimization process can increase the drive to more downloads, you can check out the information easily. There are certain websites like theaso.co from where you can get tips, info and even tips related to app store optimization.