Bill Cosby – America’s funny man names Bill Cosby as one of the stars who has a net worth of $460 million.


The states that this actor, author, comedian, television producer, screenwriter, film producer, activist, musician, educator and voice actor is one of the best known faces in America.

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To his credit, as per richestcelebrities, Bill Cosby has won several awards and accolades including the Mark Twain prize for Humor, the Kennedy Center Honors, Presidential medal of freedom, Grammy award for Comedy the Hall of Fame, People Choice awards and NAACP awards.

Bill Cosby in addition to his various comic work, also has a number of records to his credit and several signals too.

However, he is not the only one of the richest celebrities to be mired in controversy. He has had several sexual assault allegations and that has led to long drawn court battles. The repercussions of more than a dozen women claiming to be sexually assaulted by Cosby resulted in the statue of the comedian being removed from the Disney World Resort in Orlando Florida. However, inspite of the scandal, the star on the Hollywood walk of fame will remain. The senator Gillibrand however started a movement to have the Presidential medal of freedom to Cosby being revoked.


Infact this was such a huge scandal and shock to his fans all over the world, as back in the 1980s he was the dad who was seen dispensing of wisdom and that too with ready wit. To have their idol now seen in this light is hard to digest and that has led to his fans being feeling cheated and disgusted not knowing what and whom to believe.


While they would love to believe their idol the number of women coming forward are just too many to ignore. No one is certain if this father on the Cosby show is the lovable dad whom they grew up with or a disgusting creep.